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The Compassion Team is a Rapid Response team of EMDR advanced trained licensed therapists who serve the community pro bono during all disasters: Natural and man made.  According to decades of research, this treatment protocols prevent an eliminate PTSD symptoms, phobias and fears, allow the people to carry on with their lives despite the adversities.  help us do therapy with 40 or even 100 people at once for 40 minutes, instead of hours and days of one on on treatment.  it is the most effect treatment and the most efficacious for disasters and the mind.

These protocols by Dr. Jarerro and his wife Lucy 

We are First responders to first responders, cancer patients, and the community at large.

Your donations helped us make it to El Paso with the equipment and therapists we needed to process large groups and even some individuals.

Please Donate to help us prevent PTSD !!

Help your neighbors in Disaster

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